Friday, October 31, 2008

Public Service Annoucement

I just wanted to tell everyone about this exciting thing I discovered. I hate cleaning the bathroom, but it has to get done. My least favorite part is scrubbing the shower. I have a fiberglass tub and shower surround and soap scum build up really easily and quickly. So I discovered that if I use a degreaser it cleans up so easy!!! It's incredible you hardly have to scrub and it gets it cleaner than Clorox Clean-up. (I know this totally sounds like an info-mercial, but I feel strongly about making things easier when you're cleaning.) The best degreaser and overall cleaner is Rinso WOW Degreaser. You can find it at the 99 Cent Only Store. (You know the chain store, not those random ghetto 99 cent stores.) Anyway, I felt like it was my duty to share this info. Everyone loves a clean bathroom, but no one likes putting in the time. If you're like me you'd rather spend your time doing better things. That's why you got to try this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last month I decided to dress the boys up as Tigger and Pooh. I went to K-Mart and Walmart ('cause that's all we got here in the 'burg) and couldn't find either costume. So I did the next best thing, I called my mom, she always knows what to do. I asked her to look around at the local stores in her area for the costumes, and she couldn't find them either (except for really exspensive at the Disney Store). Being the kind,crafty, (in a good way, not like when you're clever and cunning) and all around awesome granny, she went ahead and made these costumes for the boys. Aren't they great! They look totally professional. Thanks mom, you're the best.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's getting cold.

The other day in the afternoon I was going stir crazy in the house, so I bundled up the boys and put them in the stroller for a walk. It was probably about 40 degrees or so outside, but I was desperate. We didn't really get too far because I felt bad about taking the boys out in such cold weather. How cold is too cold? I don't know, but since they're recovering from colds we only walked to the end of the street and back. Don't they look cute in their beanies, blankets, and jackets? Ben reminds me of the little brother from that movie "The Christmas Story".

Friday, October 10, 2008

Grandma's love was felt in Idaho.

Yesterday Sam received a package from his parents' for his birthday. Enclosed was a card and Grandma's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Have you ever tasted heaven? Well if you've tried Ginger Knecht's cookies than you can reply in the affirmative. These cookies are bliss. Sam was nice enough to share them with me and Ben. Ben was loving them.
Thanks Grandma, you're the best!

Happy birthday to the most fabulous, handsome, super-terrific Sam ever!

Happy Birthday Sam!!!! I love you. You are such a wonderful husband and father. Thankyou for being so kind and compassionate. What would we do without you? Thanks for: changing lots of poopy diapers, dealing with me when I'm cranky, making us laugh, doing the "high laugh", always sharing your mom's worlds' best cookies, playing with the boys, letting me sleep in some mornings, getting me medicine when I need it, being a fantastic student, being really good looking, and most of all just being good. I hope the next 30 years will be just as good or better than the 30 you just finished.
Love, Stacy

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Best

My boys are so cute. Sam took these pictures a couple of weeks ago before church. Our ward doesn't start until 1:30pm, so we're usually ready in plenty of time before we have to walk over to church.