Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a day!

For most of our married life Sam has been home by 6:00pm at the latest and always home on the weekends. I believe those days are over. We are entering a new and unknown world where Sam is no longer in charge of his waking hours, his work is the charge now.
Today Sam left the house at 6:45am and did not return until 10:00pm. 14.5 of those hours away from home were spent working. What does this mean for me and the boys? It means that mama's drinking again. And when I say drinking I mean Dr. Pepper. In fact, just today I went through a drive-thru on our way back from our morning outing to purchase a small Dr. Pepper. As we drove home I was planning out how I'd put the boys down for a nap and sit down in the peace and quiet to savor my DP. I was almost giddy with excitement. When I got into the house I started by changing Tom's diaper and whilst getting him ready for a nap I called to Ben, "Ben, why don't you come into the bedroom so mommy can change your diaper?" I heard no response. I should have known that the silence that returned was trouble. I kept calling as I finished with Tom. Then I went into the kitchen and "NOOOOOOO! What have you done?!?!?!?!" Ben had poured my DP all over the kitchen floor and was playing with the ice. My eyes went misty. Didn't he know that I really needed an hour of solitude with my DP? Wasn't my bedraggled appearance a dead give away that mama was two clicks away from crazy???
Don't worry, I know that you were all worried that the day ended horribly, but things resolved themselves. Gina and Chris picked-up a DP on their way over this afternoon, the boys went to bed at 7:00pm this evening (just having them asleep for the night almost cancels out anything bad they may have done during the day), and Sam finally came home. All is well in Zion.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Workin' at the car wash. . .

When we were in California we went to Papa and Grandma Knecht's house and lo and behold a few of Ben's aunts were there too. Most of you know that in the Knecht household Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday, which means we wash all the cars (Grandma Knecht does not like going to church in a dirty car.). Ben of course wanted to get in on the action. He started out washing and then turned on his aunts and started spraying. It was hilarious.

Then the tables turned and his aunts started spraying him.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beach Bliss

While the boys and I visited California last month we were lucky enough to go to the beach with my cousin Jacquie and her two girls, Claire and Azure, my mom and my sister Clarissa. We had a great time. The weather was a little bit overcast, but still nice.

Ben loved digging in the sand.

Here's Tom and Claire. They're really close in age. Aren't they cute?

Here are all the kids playing around in the sand.

Tom was being so gross. He kept putting shovel-fulls of sand in his mouth. Disgusting! Then he'd spit it out and smile like he ws proud of his accomplishment. It was a fun morning.