Tuesday, November 29, 2011

rocking out....and crawling.

The boys have recently been watching "Sonic Underground" on our pirated Netflix. 
We cancelled our account due to budget cut backs, and have been logging on to my parent's account.  SHHHH don't tell.
Even though I think that "Sonic Underground" is a really lame cartoon, it has added some more entertainment value to our family.  In the cartoon there are 3 main characters: Sonic, Manic, and Sonja.  They are siblings lost a birth who find their way back together and form an awesome rock band.  Ben is Sonic, Tom is Manic, and Eliza is Sonja (not pictured here).  Manic plays the drums while Sonic plays the guitar and does the lead vocal.  Enjoy......

In other news:  my baby turned 6 months old on Nov. 18th.  It's huge.  I know this is so cliche, but where has the time gone?  She is such a good baby.  She is happy all the time.  She loves to cuddle and laugh and smile.  She sleeps through the night.  Last night I put here to bed at 8pm and got her up this morning at 8:30am.  She's a dream.  She loves her brothers.  She likes watching them and giggling at them. 
She doesn't like solid food that much.  I've been trying to transition her to eating one solid meal a day, but she's just not that interested.
She's mobile.  She army crawls all over the place.  When she's not army crawling she's rolling around the room.  She doesn't like to stay in one place.  I need to find a baby gate that will work with the steps that go downstairs.
She is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure!

PS.  She's had a runny nose since September.  We've dealt with 3 ear infections since then.  What are your tips for keeping your baby healthy?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

HALLOWEEN. . .and other stuff.

This year Halloween was a lot of fun. The older the boys get, the more fun they have dressing up and going trick-or-treating. Ben started the day going to preschool and having his Halloween Program*. He was adorable as usual. His teacher, Mrs. King, does such a great job of making everything so fun.

Ben in his dragon costume, waiting for the program to start.

Mrs. King showing the witch's brew the kids made.

Ben and his class.

After preschool we got ready for our neighborhood trunk-or-treat.  Not too many people came, but it was perfect for the boys.  After trunk-or-treat we came home and had dinner.  Sam and our wonderful neighbor Bill took the boys trick-or-treating.They came home with a lot of candy.  Bill's wife Vivian brought over two carved pumpkins for the boys.  One carved like a dragon and the other like a silly jack-o-lantern.  Bill and Vivian also gave us two light-up pumkins (to the right of Ben).  Bill and Vivian are the best neighbors ever!  The boys loved all of the pumpkins. 

Today was crazy hair day at preschool.  Ben wanted his hair "spikey".

I had some left over black hair spray from Halloween, so we did some polka-dots too.  Ben was super excited to go to school with his hair crazy.

*I'm working on posting the video from his program.  My computer is having a hard time.