Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's the deal with Google Reader?  Why are they closing up shop on July 1st?  This is super annoying.  I was complaining to Sam and he made a face and said, "oh no, now you'll have to actually look at all the blogs you follow.  What a tough life!" 

Here's the deal, I like reading other people's blogs and it would take a long time for me to individually check each one of the blogs I follow.  I don't have that kind of time people!  If Sam thinks that all I do is sit around and hang out on the computer all day then he's WRONG!  If I really spent that much time on the computer our house would go to pot in about 30 seconds flat.

What are you going to do when Google Reader calls it quits?  I need solutions so my house doesn't end up like a pigsty.

(P.S. I love you Sam and I know you're not a chauvinist man, 99% of the time.)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where are you?

I'm taking a break from Facebook.  I'm just done with it for a while.  I'll probably be back in a month or two, or never.  I haven't decided.

Gratitude update

I have been posting on my gratitude blog Grateful Mom.  Some days it has been a chore to find something to be grateful for.  Those are the days that I'm the most grateful for my gratitude  blog because it helps me to think outside of myself and realize that I am very blessed. 

I'm not sure if I'm more virtuous yet.  Probably not, but maybe.  It's a process.

Here are three people I am very grateful for.  I love their guts.

Eliza not really trying, yet being successful, at being cute.

Tom is trying really hard not to smile.

Ben is trying really hard to be cool.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Dolly needs a bath and some air freshener

When Eliza was a few months old my mom sent a box of things for her.  In the box was a little plush doll from my granny for Eliza.  For some reason Eliza took to the doll immediately.  The doll is known in our house as Baby Dolly, or Dolly for short.  Eliza has named several other dolls, Baby Love You, Baby Mary, and Bear, but none come close to Baby Dolly.  Baby Dolly goes everywhere with Eliza, to church, breakfast, lunch, dinner, nap time, bed time, digging in the dirt outside.  You get the picture.  Often times Eliza's brothers will steal Baby Dolly away and throw Baby Dolly around and taunt and tease Eliza with Baby Dolly.  This drives me and Eliza crazy.  You know, typical brother stuff.

Last Friday Baby Dolly went missing.  Eliza had her when she woke up, but we couldn't trace her from there.  It was horrible.  Eliza kept asking in her cute almost 2 year old voice while shrugging, "Oh no, where Baby Dolly?  Oh no!"  By Sunday night I had searched just about every where and was asking everyone (even our neighbors) if they'd seen Baby Dolly.  I was desperate.  My heart was breaking for my sweet girl who was missing her best friend and favorite toy, Baby Dolly.  I did what any girl would do in my situation.  I texted my family and asked them to pray that we would find Baby Dolly.

Later that night as we were about to go to bed a thought came to my mind.  Eliza had recently started putting toys and such in the diaper pale and flipping the lid to make them disappear.  That had to be it.  Where else could it be?

The next morning my sis-in-law Camille, who was staying with us, got Eliza up, changed her diaper and checked the diaper pale.  And sure enough, there was Baby Dolly.  She was tucked under 4 or 5 nasty wet and dirty diapers.  Sooooo gross!  Needless to say I soaked her in Spray'n Wash and tossed her into the washing machine.

Eliza was so happy to have her back.  Unfortunately Eliza saw me put Baby Dolly into the washer and couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her have her.  I wanted to be like, "Trust me girl, you do not want her until this washer is done with her."

Lessons learned from this experience:
1.  Implant homing device in Baby Dolly's tummy.
2.  You can never go wrong asking Ginger Knecht to pray for you, no matter how small the problem may seem.
3.  Heavenly Father loves my girl and cares if she is sad.
4.  We are no longer using the diaper pale.  I can't bare finding something else buried in its nastiness.
5.  I've already purchased a back up Baby Dolly online. (Thanks Jacquie)