Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant.  
It seems unreal that I'm only 17 weeks along.  Physically I feel like I'm twice that far.  I keep getting asked what the baby's gender is.  In fact, people have been asking me that for the last 6 weeks.  I just nod my head and say I don't know.  Then they assume that I don't want to know the gender before delivery.  Sometimes I think it would just be easier to wear a sign saying "no, I may look like I'm that far along, but I'm not."  
When people ask me when my due date is they're shocked that I still have so far to go.  I think instead of telling people that I'm due in November, I'll just tell them "after the summer".

Here's the update from yesterday's doctor appointment:
I've gained 2 pounds total.
The baby's heart beat sounds great.
My blood pressure is really good.
My lower back gets very tired and sore if I have to be on my feet for long.
My new support brace/belt is helping with my back.
I will be starting physical therapy soon to try and strengthen my back.
My fetal survey ultrasound is scheduled for 6/25.

I'd like to take a poll.  What do you think the gender is?  Leave you thoughts in the comments.