Monday, October 25, 2010

Ben is funny.

Most week day mornings the boys watch Super Why on PBS.  It's a cute show.  In the beginning of the opening sequence the main character introduces himself and then asks the viewers to say their names.  This morning this is what I heard coming from the family room:

TV:  "...and I'm Super Why, what's your name?"
Ben:  "I'm Benjamin Spence Knecht.  No, no, I mean, I'm Spiderman."

It made me laugh.  He's got a great imagination.  I love it!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Exciting News!

I'm pregnant!  I'm due sometime in May.  Both Sam and I are really looking forward to our new addition. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Visiting with Shawna

This past weekend I had the privilege of visiting my sister Shawna and her family in MapleValley, WA.  It was the perfect weekend.  Before this trip I had never been to visit Shawna in WA.  Plus a bonus was that my mom was also visiting.  It made for a great time.

 On Friday one of the first places we visited was Pike's Place in Seattle.  It's famous for its shops, fish markets, produce, and flower markets.  It was a lot of fun to walk around and people  watch.

On Saturday morning we went into Tacoma to see the Glass Museum.  This is the view of the port area from the museum.
Here's my lovely mom and sister in front of the Glass Museum.  Funky looking thing, right.  It reminded me of the Tin Man's hat in Wizard of Oz.
This is the bridge that connects the glass museum to the rest of the city.  It's really cool because along the way it's like an open exhibit.
These vases and sculptures are part of the open exhibit along the bridge.  It was so cool to see all of these beautifully crafted glass pieces enclosed in plexy glass.

Josh (3), Sammy (8), Me, Clare (18 months), Jake (6)

Another really great part of the trip was being able to spend time with my nieces and nephews.  It's been 2 1/2 years since Shawna and David moved to WA, and it's been 3 years since Sam and I moved from CA, so I haven't really had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with these cuties.  Sometimes I feel like I hardly know the younger two.  But they are all really sweet and cute kids.  They're all funny and quirky in their own ways.  It was so much fun to get to know them better.
These are the younger two, Josh and Clare.  Josh is about 2 months younger than Ben, and Clare will turn 2 yrs old on Jan 1st.  Josh loved flirting with me.  He was always willing to give me a hug and a kiss.  It was adorable.  Clare is sassy and sweet.  She loves baby dolls and necklaces.  She's a girly girl.  She also likes being held all the time.

Going to visit Shawna and here family was fantastic.  Thanks, Shawna.  You're the best.